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Since 2009, we have raised all-natural, hormone-free, grass-fed, rotationally-grazed beef. In 2017, we took a break and Carl thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail! Now we are back at it again!

We are now taking orders & deposits for Intervale Farm beef!








This year, we have four heifers (Hereford x Angus x Simmental).  They have never been out of Cumberland County and have been on our grass pasture since May 7.

We have reservations to have the beef processed at West Gardiner Beef in West Gardiner on October 21, 2021.  Beef is expected to be ready for pick-up around 10-14 days after that.



Costs are as follows:

1. Intervale Farm price: $4.50/pound hanging weight

2. West Gardiner Beef processing fees:

  • -Slaughter @ $80 per whole beef animal

  • -Cut/wrap/freeze @ 0.78/pound hanging weight.

Option: You may pick the beef up at West Gardiner Beef or for 16.00/quarter, I will pick it up and you can come to the farm to get it later that day.



When ordering ¼ beef, you will essentially be ‘splitting’ a side with someone else who is also ordering ¼. With this in mind, when you specify how you want your cuts, you will be paired as closely as possible with another customer. 

We expect hanging weights around 650 pounds per animal this year. However, this is just an estimate as the cattle are not all identical in size and don’t all gain the same amount.  In the past, the meat yield has been about 60% of the hanging weight.

If you have the inclination, you may stop by and make a selection as to which animal you would like.  Please give us a call if you would like to do this. 

Please secure you order with a deposit of $100. (Check payable to Intervale Farm).

For more information, see our FAQ page and this year's cut sheet

or call Carl at 207-632-4985 for more information!

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